consider your future plans when Selecting your courses.

Students are encouraged to seek the assistance of the counseling staff at Alton High School as well as their parents and teachers in planning a high school program appropriate to their needs and abilities.

Students should ask the following questions when thinking about their schedules for the next school year

Freshman Course Scheduling

Course Selection for Freshmen takes place during 8th grade.  Students and families will select the classes they are interested in.  Teachers will also share which classes they feel are appropriate for each student. 

All incoming freshmen will take a Math and ELA exam.  Generally, these are part of the existing 8th-grade local assessments.  Parochial students will be offered opportunities to come in and take both assessments. 

A course selection form will be shared with each student.  Families will have the opportunity to review it with their child, 8th-grade teachers, and the guidance department before completing the form for the school counseling department. 

Sophomore/Junior/Senior Course Scheduling