College Planning for Sophomores

During your sophomore year, you will want to give the same attention to course selection, as well as focus on keeping your grades up.  Hopefully, you have found an organization or two with which to become involved, and are looking for opportunities for leadership.  If you anticipate being recognized by National Honor Society during your Senior year,  you will want to make sure you are performing community service, and that you are developing relationships with teachers who may be able to write recommendations for you. 

Sophomore Scholarship Opportunities

BigFuture Scholarships Now Open for Sophomores!

Sophomores can now qualify for BigFuture Scholarships! They can begin earning entries by starting their career list and building their college list on BigFuture. BigFuture will continue to award a total of two $40,000 scholarships and hundreds of $500 scholarships every month. 

Sophomore Course Scheduling

While in High School, students will receive course selection opportunities each year in January, at which time they will consult with parents and teachers about which courses to take. Course selection for Sophomore, Junior and Senior years takes place in January/February. Classes will be selected with the minimum graduation requirements in mind.

Testing: PSAT 10

The PSAT™ 10 is an assessment designed for tenth-grade students and administering the PSAT 10 gives schools actionable benchmarks to support your child’s growth on the path to college and career. 

PSAT 10 Test Day: Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 in Gym 

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