Summer School

AHS Summer School Registration is now open in Skyward for current 8th graders and students in grades 9-12. Students may take up to 2 summer school courses. AHS Summer School course fees are $125.00 per course. Summer School Auto Safety course fee is $62.50. Students and parents/guardians should register, select courses and pay fees in Skyward.  

For more information on the new 2023 Summer School Skyward Registration steps– AHS Summer School Registration Skyward Steps.pptx

For questions or information fee payment, fee waivers or summer school scholarship financial assistance, please contact Nicole Marconi, Assistant Principal, at

AHS Summer School

AHS Summer School is available for 9th through 12th graders to complete Elective courses or recover credits through Math Seminar, English Seminar, Communicating, Health, General Physical Education, American Government, Auto Safety, or specific athletic courses (Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer). 

Available courses will be offered based on student requests. Student course enrollment will be filled in the order complete Skyward registrations – complete with all student and parent/Guardian information, course selections, and fee payment - are submitted and received.

AHS Summer School and Bridges Summer Program will begin on Tuesday, May 30 and will end on Wednesday, July 6 for a total of 6 weeks. Classes will not meet on June 19th or July 4th. Classes meet 7:30 - 10:00 am  and 10:00 - 12:30 pm.

Week Days of Week Dates

Week 1 Tuesday - Friday May 30 - June 2

Week 2 Monday - Thursday June 5 - 8

Week 3  Monday - Thursday June 12 - 15

Week 4 Tuesday - Friday June 20 - 23

Week 5  Monday - Friday June 26 - 30

Week 6 Mon, Wed and Thur July 3, 5 and 6

Due to the compactness of the summer schedule, attendance is extremely important.  No one will be allowed to miss more than 3 days unless they are considered field trips with school chaperones. There will be consequences for multiple absences and/or tardies.  At 4 absences, students will be dropped from AHS Summer School courses. Expectations for attendance and conduct are necessary due to the amount of time our summer schedule allows. We want to be able to ensure the most efficient use of our time being spent on providing a positive learning experience.