Freshman Course Scheduling

Course Selection for Freshmen takes place during 8th grade.  Students and families will select the classes they are interested in.  Teachers will also share which classes they feel are appropriate for each student. 

All incoming freshmen will take a Math and ELA exam.  Generally, these are part of the existing 8th grade local assessments.  Parochial students will be offered opportunities to come in and take both assessments.

A course selection form will be shared with each student.  Families will have the opportunity to review it with their child, 8th grade teachers and the school counseling department.  

College Planning: Freshman Year

If you are planning to attend college, you can start preparing in your freshman year by discussing with your school counselor which courses and extra-curricular activities will best direct you towards your goals.  Colleges appreciate that each student is different, but generally they will be looking to see that you have taken the most challenging courses that are available and that are appropriate for you.  This can best be determined by thoughtful discussion with your parents, 8th grade teachers and high school guidance counselor.  Colleges will also be looking to see that you are developing into a well-rounded member of society, so explore your interests in extra-curricular activities and/or sports, and take advantage of community service opportunities.  

Illinois public school students in grade 9 will take the PSAT™ 8/9 during a school day in the spring of 2023. PSAT 8/9 scores help guide your child’s academic progress and provide an early indication of college readiness 

PSAT 9 Test Day: Thursday, April 15, 2024 in Gym

AMS 8th grade Registration PPT
22-23 Fresh Reg form, FRONT
22-23 Fresh Reg Form BACK
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Current Freshmen scheduling for Sophomore year.

Sophomore Elective Worksheet.docx.pdf
Sophomore Requirement Worksheet (1).pdf